Columbia Business School

Michael Hershman Awarded 2013 Botwinick Prize

Michael Hershman, president and CEO of the Fairfax Group, has been awarded Columbia Business School’s 2013 Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics. The award was presented during a ceremony on Monday, September 16.

Financial Post

SNC-Lavalin Hires Former Watergate Investigator to Advise on Anti-corruption

Canadian engineering giant SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. has hired Watergate investigator Michael Hershman to advise the company on anti-corruption issues as it takes steps to strengthen its business practices amid ongoing police investigations.

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Blatter Faces “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”

There are six months left of the reform process being carried out by FIFA in the wake of a string of scandals that have seriously damaged the organisation’s credibility. Michael Hershman, one of the key figures on FIFA’s new independent governance committee (IGC), argues that President Sepp Blatter is facing a “once in a lifetime” opportunity and that, regardless of the internal opposition, change is coming to world football’s governing body.


Malaysia’s Quest for Unity Favors Integration Over Assimilation

The bloom seems to have worn off the Arab Spring. Tensions and unrest, often due to differing religious views, have left countries ranging from Egypt to Yemen with uncertain futures.

Huff Post World

Anti-Corruption Program in Malaysia -- A Comprehensive Approach

Change, relatively speaking, came quickly to the Arab Spring countries. Some leaders fled, others stepped down, and one even fought to the death. But behind every popular movement calling for democratic change was an inherent desire for something more: to stop a system and culture ripe with corruption.

Transparency Review

FIFA Announces Independent Governance Committee

The nine member committee includes Michael Hershman, president and CEO of the Fairfax Group.

Transparency Review

Never Lowering Our Guard

Corruption is one of the greatest roadblocks to a nation’s progress. At the forefront of the war against corruption is a non-governmental, non-partisan global network, Transparency International.