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In today’s business culture, the issues of risks and vulnerabilities are a regular agenda topic in corporate boardrooms. With our broad national and international resources, the Fairfax Group can help you design a strategic risk-mitigation plan geared to maximize business opportunities while driving down risk, creating a safer environment for all your stakeholders, and assuring continuity of your business operations.

Security and Risk Mitigation

  • Design, implementation, and review of corporate crisis management plans
  • Crisis communication
  • Security risk analysis and site inspection
  • Facility and digital safety and security, including penetration testing
  • Special-event security
  • Executive protection
  • Counter-terrorism training and intelligence collection
  • Travel security training and assistance

Crisis Management Services

  • How to minimize the impact of current and future problems
  • Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, incident specific approach
  • On site and continuing support during and after an incident
  • After incident follow-up – risk assessment surveys, testing policies and procedures, and simulation exercises – to strengthen an organization’s ability to respond appropriately to any future crises.
  • Customizing the five steps to effective crisis management for each incident:
    • Risk Assessment
    • Response Design and Coordination
    • Implementation
    • Evaluation and Safeguarding
    • Assessment and Future Planning

Compliance, Corporate Governance & Monitoring

  • Design or review of corporate compliance policies and procedures (including business conduct guidelines)
  • Independent investigations related to compliance violations
  • Compliance training for employees and compliance officers
  • Independent employee and supplier (vendor) hotline services
  • Design or review of enterprise risk management systems
  • Design or review of corporate social responsibility programs
  • Go-to-market strategies for high-risk countries
  • Recruitment of compliance personnel
  • Presentations on global compliance issues
  • Design or review of corporate compliance communication programs
  • Design or review of supplier (vendor) compliance programs
  • Compliance-related due diligence
  • Design or review of compliance audit programs and procedures
  • Monitoring of corporate compliance with laws, rules, and regulations
  • Anti money-laundering policies, procedures, and investigations

Forensic Auditing / Digital Forensics

  • Collection and analysis of specialized financial and factual data to support decision-making, including litigation
  • Independent expertise to ensure accuracy and use of data, avoiding possible conflicts of interest through the use of in-house resources
  • Thorough knowledge of local regulations governing collection and use of data, such as EU Data Privacy and US state and Federal privacy laws and regulations
  • Execution of work in multiple locations and with local language capability
  • Service as court-appointed expert to collect data from all parties

Litigation Support and Case Management

  • Close coordination with counsel through all stages of litigation
  • Assistance with developing litigation strategy, determining what is possible, what is legal and ethical, and what is missing
  • Assurance that all actions pass the “New York Times test”; e.g., assessing their impact on the decision if they were published by broadcast or print media
  • Liaison services with law enforcement and other governmental agencies
  • Location of potential witnesses with preliminary interviews to determine their benefit to the case
  • Specialized services, such as forensic accounting, digital forensics, and forensic examination of evidence

Corporate & Government Investigations

  • Business intelligence
  • Global investigations including corruption, fraud, intellectual property theft, and malfeasance
  • Asset searches
  • Background investigations of potential new employees, executives, board members, and witnesses
  • Due diligence on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, distributorships, key suppliers, representatives and agents
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Independent investigations of internal misconduct allegations such as employee harassment, labor-management issues, and worker health and safety problems
  • Service as government-authorized investigator, typically in public corruption cases outside the country of origin
  • Analysis of environmental issues, both within the US and overseas, including RPR investigations
  • Defending or prosecuting anti-trust claims by identifying critical witnesses and evidence

Anti-Money Laundering

  • “Know Your Customer” due diligence
  • Protect your reputation
  • Testing existing procedures and controls to validate adequacy of protections and reports mechanisms
  • Conduct staff training
  • Develop comprehensive compliance procedures and guidelines – prepare a documented, written record
  • Recommend necessary system upgrades or implementation
  • Promote effective strategies to establish or reestablish standing with governmental regulators and the business community

Labor – Management Disputes

  • Collection of Threat Intelligence
  • Ensure the safety and integrity of all company assets
  • Complying will all Federal and state laws and regulations governing labor-management relations, effectively monitor and document violations of the NLRA
  • Assist in the development and implementation of an effective public relations strategy
  • Liaison with relevant governmental authorities, including law enforcement, to insure that the company’s interests are considered and protected
  • Provide guidance on possible courses of action by the opposing parties, including preparing models of similar past campaigns
  • Establish a broad crisis management plan and team
  • Respond to any crises or threats
  • Train existing security force and/or provide specialized security personnel experienced in handling labor-management disputes

Intellectual Property Protection

  • Assess the vulnerability of current policies and procedures, including contractual obligations of third parties, such as vendors and suppliers
  • Recommend steps to strengthen the protection of IP assets
  • Investigate parties suspected of breaching the rights of another to obtain useable, sufficient evident for the relevant governmental authority to take action
  • Liaison with governmental entities to promote effective response to evidence of breaches of another’s rights
  • Provide employee training
  • Work with suppliers and vendors to reduce, if not eliminate, the flow of IP data to unauthorized parties and/or unfair competition

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