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Managing risk and mitigating vulnerability are at the top of every C-suite boardroom and governmental organization agenda. When you partner with the Fairfax Group to shield your organization, we draw from the world’s top security practices to design a strategic out-of-the-box plan that drives down risk and protects your business operations, integrity, and growth.

Compliance, Corporate Governance & Monitoring

As a socially responsible organization, it’s critical to be cautious when it comes to compliance — both your company’s own and those of the organizations you partner with.

We can work with you to build policies and procedures to address:

  • Enterprise risk management
  • High-risk global market strategies
  • Anti-money laundering investigations
  • Compliance violation investigations
  • Enterprise risk management systems
  • High-risk global market strategies

Your organization’s responsibility continues into the way you shape the system of shareholders, board of directors, executives, C-suite, and management.

We’ll help you build and implement corporate governance programs that include:

  • Corporate compliance monitoring
  • Corporate and global compliance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate compliance communications

Organization-wide support can protect against compliance violations at every level, from executives to vendors.

We offer the following compliance-related programs:

  • Recruiting compliance personnel
  • Compliance auditing
  • Compliance-related due diligence
  • Supplier compliance
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Risk Management

The right risk management plan can be preventative against a crisis and limit damage in the event that there’s a security lapse.

Our security and risk management solutions include:

  • Corporate crisis management plans that facilitate rapid decision-making in the face of a crisis
  • Crisis communication to create a focused company response to shareholders and the public in the event of a major threat
  • Counter-terrorism training that addresses this modern threat to organizations in vulnerable industries and geographical areas
  • Intelligence collection to support litigation and action on the part of government authorities

Business Intelligence

Modern businesses must have a comprehensive view of their organization compared to the competition so they can evolve, change, adapt, and grow. Our Business Intelligence services include:

  • Data mining to uncover trends within your organization, another org, or an industry
  • Data visualization using histograms, sectograms, graphs, and other visual representations of competitor trends
  • Descriptive and visual analytics to explore data through visual storytelling to uncover insights and draw conclusions within your industry
  • Comprehensive reporting to keep stakeholders informed and enhance decision-making
  • Benchmarking performance metrics to establish a historical performance baseline and track performance compared to the competitors


The Fairfax Group offers comprehensive security solutions for corporate and government organizations and NGOs, including:

  • Facility safety and security to protect employees and visitors from critical risks
  • Penetration testing of your existing solutions to find security vulnerabilities and areas to address
  • Security risk analysis that utilizes the three elements of risk management: identification, analysis, and control
  • Special events security, including intelligence monitoring and physical security protection
  • Travel security training and assistance to protect frequent-flyer executives and staff

Corporate & Government Investigations

An independent investigation is critical for credibility when ethical, compliance, or regulatory concerns within your organization come to light.

The Fairfax Group works with general counsel, the C-suite, or the board of directors to manage the following:

  • Background investigations into employees, executives, board members and case witnesses
  • Due diligence on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, representatives, distributorships, and key suppliers
  • Environmental issue analysis domestically and overseas, including RPR investigations
  • Global investigations into fraud, corruption, intellectual property, theft and malfeasance
  • Government-authorized investigation services, primarily in public corruption cases outside of the country of origin
  • Internal misconduct investigations including allegations of employee harassment, labor-management issues, and worker health and safety concerns
  • Witness identification services to support defense or prosecution of antitrust claims

Crisis Management Services

Every organization is potentially at risk for a security crisis in today’s digital world. We can mitigate security and vulnerability crises with a crisis management plan that includes:

  • Risk assessment
  • Response design and coordination
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation and safeguarding
  • Assessment and future planning

In response to a specific crisis, we offer:

  • Crisis impact management to quickly assess the damage of the crisis and begin mitigating it early
  • An incident-specific approach that takes your organization and the specific circumstances into account before planning action
  • On-site incident support for critical situations, including after-incident follow-up support


A single data breach can cost American companies over $8.1 million and international organizations more than $3.9 million — you can’t afford to let cybersecurity fall by the wayside.

Our team can step in with forensic auditing services that include:

  • Court-ordered expert service to collect and analyze data from all parties involved in a breach
  • Expertise on data collection regulations including EU and US federal and state privacy regulations
  • Independent third-party expertise to verify data accuracy and avoid conflict of interest
  • Specialized financial data analysis to support decision-making about litigation and other responses to a breach

Litigation Support and Case Management

If your cybersecurity case requires expert advice, litigation support, or case management, the Fairfax Group can provide it.

In litigation cases, our qualified multidisciplinary team steps in with:

  • Counsel coordination through each stage of litigation
  • Liaison services with law enforcement and other governing agencies
  • Litigation strategy assistance, including parsing what is possible, realistic, legal, and ethical
  • Specialized forensic services, including forensic accounting, forensic evidence examination, and digital forensics
  • The New York Times test: Would you and your legal team feel justified in your actions if the details of the case went national?
  • Witness location services, including preliminary interviews to screen potential witnesses for the benefit of the case

Our expert team also provides competitive and business intelligence services to inform your investigation and more.

Anti-Money Laundering

Financial institutions must go to great lengths to “know your customer” (KYC) — a data collection standard that’s meant to prevent money laundering. But it isn’t always enough.

We’ll analyze and advise your current money laundering compliance program or build a new one that includes services such as:

  • “Know Your Customer” due diligence to reduce risk and eliminate opportunities for fraud
  • Procedure development with comprehensive compliance guidelines and staff training to enforce procedures
  • Procedure testing to validate that existing controls and protections meet standards
  • Strategy development to establish good standing with the business community and local or federal government
  • System audits including recommendations of system upgrades or implementation

Intellectual Property Protection

Trade secrets and intellectual property give your organization its competitive edge, and you should protect them accordingly. That means addressing trade secret theft from a preventative and investigative standpoint.

We protect confidential intelligence with:

  • Employee training on best practices for handling and protecting company intellectual property
  • Independent investigation for useable evidence in case of a suspected breach of rights
  • Liaison with authorities including government parties
  • Policy and procedure audits that assess vulnerabilities organization-wide, including third-party contractual obligations with vendors and suppliers
  • Strategies to reduce intellectual property theft by addressing the flow of data to unauthorized parties

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