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What We Believe

There’s a reason corporate, government, and NGO organizations have put their trust in The Fairfax Group for over 30 years. At the top of our core business values are:

We work tirelessly to bring these values to your business or government organization.

Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise come from founder Michael J. Hershman’s 30-years of experience providing security and crisis management solutions to dozens of industries in over 140 countries. The Fairfax Group specializes in:

Reducing risk starts with recognizing risk.

It takes private-sector expertise and an intimate understanding of an organization’s vulnerabilities to reduce risk of all kinds — political, financial, and security.

An established risk profile and identification of likely vulnerabilities must accompany the problem-solving process at every step of the way for government and corporate organizations alike.

We bring a discreet and efficient risk reduction approach to the strategy table. At the same time, we respect your primary objective: To grow your corporate or government organization while promoting productivity and social responsibility.

Control defines risk mitigation and management.

To manage and mitigate risk, you need to control the environment in and around your organization — a tall order when new sources of risk constantly threaten operations and shareholders.

Our expert team dives deep into your organization’s problem to gain that control and bring a new perspective to the strategic risk management plan.

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